Lutheran Christians believe that worship is the place where God most directly serves us … meeting us in Confession, Baptism, Holy Communion, and the proclaimed Word.


So, worship at Nativity is as diverse as the community that gathers each week. Though we do worship in a liturgical (ordered) format, we use different musical settings, such as Evangelical Lutheran Worship, Holden Evening Prayer, Now the Feast and Celebration, and different spoken liturgies. We sing hymns and songs from many different sources … our Lutheran heritage, other denominations, and newer songs of worship and praise.


The entire worship service is printed in the bulletin each week so that newcomers and visitors can easily find their “way around.” Hearing assistance devices are available for those who request them.


Sermons are Scriptural and also meant to connect with everyday life. Hymns and songs, sermons, children’s messages and choir offerings are chosen and prepared each week with a central theme in mind. Worshippers should be able to come away from worship with a one sentence, practical summary of the worship service, which they can take into their work, school or home activities.


Summer Worship

June 18th-September 3rd

One Sunday worship service at 9:30 a.m.